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The Sydney CBD precinct stretches from parts of Surry Hills, Haymarket, and Darlinghurst to The Rocks, and from Kings Cross to Cockle Bay.

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Apply to vary licences for existing Sydney CBD venues

Freeze conditions for existing pubs, clubs, nightclubs and bottle shops in the Sydney CBD entertainment precinct ended on 1 June 2020. These venues can apply to vary their licence by extending trading hours and expanding licensed boundaries to increase overall patron capacity.

Please also read the conditions in Prescribed Precincts

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Last drinks at 3:30am

Sydney CBD venues must stop liquor sale or supply at 3.30am. Known as 'last drinks', this measure means alcoholic drinks must not be served after 3.30am.

Venues authorised to trade past 3:30am can remain open for other purposes but mustn’t sell or supply liquor.

Exclusion of people drinking or with open alcohol on approach to the venue

Anyone seen drinking or carrying alcohol be on approach to the venue mustn’t be allowed entry.

This applies if the venue is in or near an alcohol-free zone (AFZ) or an alcohol prohibited area (APA) under the Local Government Act 1993.

For the most up to date information, visit City of Sydney.

Designated venues

Licenced venues may be subject to the following controls where there is a history of violence, or violent incident/s resulting in a serious injury.

Licensees are advised separately if required to comply with these conditions.

RSA marshal

At least one clearly-identified RSA marshal must be on duty during the supervised trading period from midnight – 3.30am every Friday and Saturday night and the night before and of public holidays.

Find out more about  RSA marshals

Glass is prohibited during late trading on any day

No drinks, alcoholic or otherwise, can be sold or supplied on the premises in glassware after midnight until closing. For 24-hour premises, this applies between midnight and 7am.

‘Glass’ includes any drinking container, such as a bottle or jug, made of glass.

During these periods, all glass must be removed from patrons and public areas.

Venues that must meet this requirement include:

  • hotels (including general bars)
  • club premises
  • public entertainment venues (other than a cinema)
  • karaoke bars
  • restaurants with a primary service authorisation.


Licensed vessels aren’t permitted to drop off or pick up people from the Sydney CBD Entertainment precinct between midnight and 7am.

This condition doesn’t apply between midnight and 3am on 1 January.