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We’ve prepared a suite of tools to help you establish your accord, give it structure, attract and retain members and run it successfully.

Use these templates as a basis for building a strong, productive and well run Accord.

Benefits of being a liquor accord member

  • a reduction in under-age drinking, anti-social behaviour and crime, and alcohol-related violence in licensed venues in your community
  • safe, enjoyable entertainment and social environments for venue patrons
  • improved compliance with the liquor laws and your reputation as a compliant venue
  • collaborative and supportive relationships between licensees, local councils, patrons, residents and police
  • customised materials and resources tailored to meet your requirements
  • access to the latest liquor accord news, regulatory changes and industry updates.

These resources will help you build a solid framework for your Accord and give it structure, manage potential risks and run things smoothly. 

Constitution template

A constitution is a document that specifies the rules governing the relationship between an Accord and its members. It defines who can join your Accord, how it operates and how decisions are made.

Download: Constitution for Liquor Accord groups template DOCX, 180.32 KB

Guide to incorporating your Accord

An accord is not required to be incorporated, but there are some advantages. When an accord becomes incorporated, it has its own legal identity separate from its members and provides protection to members in legal transactions.
This document helps you understand how and what you need to become an incorporated association.

Download: Incorporating your Accord PDF, 262.12 KB

Liquor Accord terms (Accord strategies)

This template helps you document and agree on strategies to implement across your Accord network.
Implementing Accord terms has the support of the law. Section 134 of the Liquor Act 2007 recognises that liquor accords can adopt terms that minimise alcohol related harms, even where it involves patrons having restricted access to the premises or restricted service on the premises.

We recommend that you review your Accord terms at least once a year to reflect the most current state of the accord, and ensure that your terms are not discriminatory to any patrons or premises type.

Download: Liquor Accord terms template DOCX, 283.08 KB

To help you get started, you can download some examples of Liquor Accord terms and strategies used by other Accords.

View: Examples of Liquor Accord terms, campaign, strategies and practices

Need help? Speak to the Liquor Accords team about terms your Accord can implement.

Agenda and minutes template with action log

Use this template to build your agenda and record minutes at your meetings. An action log is included to help you document actions discussed at your meetings, assign actions to members and monitor how the actions are tracking.

Download: Liquor Accord Agenda and Minutes template DOCX, 315.9 KB

Suggested speaker list

A list of organisations you might consider approaching to provide a guest speaker for your next Accord meeting.

Download: Suggested speaker list DOCX, 18.27 KB

Use these templates to create communications to promote the benefits of Accord membership, attract and renew members and collect fees.

  • Membership invitation
  • Application / membership renewal form template

Download: Membership invitation template DOCX, 108.16 KB

Download: Application / membership renewal form template DOCX, 108.95 KB

Use these tools to promote your Accord on marketing and promotional materials, social media and websites.

  • Liquor Accord logo
  • Liquor Accord sticker artwork

For an Accord branded logo or sticker please contact the Liquor Accords team on

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