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The following are examples of measures/initiatives (terms) being implemented by local Liquor Accords across NSW. There may be other measures your Accord is currently implementing that you also wish to include in your terms document that are not captured here.

View: Examples of successful campaigns and initiatives from Accords across NSW

Patron Safety campaigns

  • Re-think that Sneaky Drink campaign - bans minors who are caught committing related offences in or around licensed premises, until their 19th birthday
  • Ask for Angela campaign - creates a safer environment for patrons who feel unsafe or at risk in a licensed premises
  • Party right safety initiative - promotes greater safety awareness for younger patrons and tourists
  • Designated Driver campaign – offers free soft drinks to sober patrons who are driving their friends home at the end of a night out

Management - services practices

  • No shots or doubles (or any drink designed to be consumed rapidly) at any time / from [insert time]
  • No “ready to drink beverages” containing an alcohol by volume content of more than 5% at any time / after [insert time]
  • No mixed alcoholic energy drinks at any time / after [insert time]
  • Implement a four drink limit per person per serve after midnight / at all times and no more than two unconsumed drinks per person
  • No takeaway liquor sales after [insert time] on any night
  • No use of glassware after [insert time] on all nights
  • Make a last drinks announcement 30 minutes before close
  • Cease the service of alcohol 15 minutes before close on [insert time]

Management - miscellaneous

  • Patron code of conduct
  • Refuse entry to patrons seen drinking alcohol or carrying open alcohol on approach to venues
  • Roll out No Excuse resources available from Liquor & Gaming NSW
  • A standard or multi-venue barring policy – barring offending patrons from Liquor Accord venues
  • An [insert time] lockout on all nights
  • No clothing, jewellery or accessories of outlaw motorcycle gangs to be allowed on the premises
  • Conduct of litter patrols of streets bordering a member venue and the immediate vicinity during venue trading hours


  • Provide financial support, as per the agreed fee structure to the late-night bus
  • Participate in the Accords’ subsidised taxi fare scheme


  • Implement an inter-venue communications protocol (i.e. WhatsApp chat group)
  • Ensure all security wear high visibility security vests


  • Event response strategies set out by the Accord for each peak period/major event

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