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25 November 2018

Casino compliance

Liquor & Gaming NSW undertakes monitoring of casino compliance, and enforcement.

Inspectors role

Our role:

  • supervises operations in the casino
  • inspects gaming equipment used in the casino, to ensure that gaming is conducted honestly and in accordance with the approved rules and game procedures
  • detects offences committed against the Casino Control Act 1992
  • receives and independently investigates complaints from casino patrons relating to the conduct of gaming in the casino
  • conducts audits of gaming revenue
  • monitors responsible gaming practices, monitor responsible service of alcohol by the casino operator and retail liquor licensees
  • recommends disciplinary action.

How we can help

You can contact us to pass on information, make a formal complaint, or if you have concerns about:

  • conduct of gaming in the casino
  • suitability of gaming equipment in the casino
  • integrity of any casino employee
  • integrity of the casino operation
  • any other gaming related matter.

Rules of casino games

Games, and rules of games, played at the casino must be approved by ILGA or an ILGA delegate. The casino and patrons must abide by the rules.

The casino operator must make a copy of the rules available to patrons upon request.

Exclusion orders

The casino operator may give a person an exclusion order, which prohibits them from entering or remaining in the casino. The order remains in force until it is removed.

An exclusion order given by the Authority, or at the direction of the NSW Commissioner of Police, may not be reviewed.

A person who is given an exclusion order by the casino operator on application made by another party who considers the person has a problem from gambling activities, may apply in writing to the casino operator for a review. The casino operator must review the exclusion order and notify the applicant of the outcome. If unsuccessful, the applicant can request a further review by the Authority within 14 days of the casino operator’s decision.

It is an offence for an excluded person (other than a person who has self-excluded) to enter or remain in the casino.