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28 November 2018

Gaming and Wagering Compliance

Our role is to help the industry be aware of any relevant requirements and to promote voluntary compliance. Our goal is not to catch people out, but to help them avoid non-compliance in the first place. However, where industry participants demonstrate more serious, repeat or sustained contraventions or other misconduct inconsistent with community expectations we will apply escalating enforcement action.

To achieve our vision, we aim to:

  • use best practice to monitor industry conduct
  • find ways to achieve better outcomes
  • support continuous learning and improvement
  • be responsive and adaptable in delivering compliance and enforcement activities
  • be ethical, responsible and rigorous
  • be consistent and transparent so the industry is certain about what the law demands.

Hotels and clubs with gaming machines must make sure their premises comply with the law, including those that aim to protect people from serious problems associated with excessive gambling.

There are many ways to minimise the risk of harm gambling can cause. The FS3008 Gaming machine harm minimisation fact sheet PDF, 610.12 KB provides an overview of gambling harm minimisation laws for hotels and clubs in NSW.

The fact sheet includes information about:

  • Signs that you must display
  • Contact cards
  • Player information brochures
  • How to buy gaming signs and other products
  • Self-exclusion schemes
  • Gaming machine advertising
  • Exemptions from the advertising prohibition
  • Gambling-related signage
  • Locating gaming machines and jackpot displays
  • Cheques and cash-dispensing facilities
  • Player reward schemes and promotional prizes
  • Gambling inducements.

If you have more than 10 gaming machines at your hotel, you must keep them in a gaming room that is separate from the rest of your hotel.

As a hotelier, if you have a gaming room, it must meet the following requirements:

1. Your gaming room must be located in a restricted area of the hotel. It can't be in a part of your hotel where you have an authorisation to admit people under 18.

2. Your gaming room must be physically separated from the general bar area by a permanent floor to ceiling wall.

  • You must build at least the bottom half of this wall in opaque material.
  • You must get building approval for any work you need to do before you can keep approved gaming machines in your hotel.

3. You must not make people pass through your gaming room to enter or leave your hotel or to get to another part of your hotel.

4. Entry to your gaming room must be free of charge.

5. You must locate any approved gaming machine in your gaming room so no-one can see it from any place outside your hotel that people use or have access to.

6. You or an employee must supervise the gaming room at all times by electronic means or a physical presence.

7. Your gaming room must have a doorway or space that gives reasonable access to and from the room to at least one operating bar elsewhere in the hotel.

It must also have reasonable access to and from the room to at least one toilet for each gender elsewhere in your hotel.

When your patrons want to move between your gaming room and a bar or toilet, they should not have to go onto a public street, or to any other area that does not form part of your hotel.

8. If people can get to your gaming room directly from a public street, you must show people how each doorway or space in your gaming room gives them access to and from the rest of your hotel.

The requirement for you to separate a gaming room physically from the general bar area of your hotel does not:

  • stop you providing a doorway or equivalent space to give people access to and from your gaming room
  • mean you have to have a permanent wall that extends beyond any counter designed to serve people in both your gaming room and your general bar area.

Your hotel can have more than one gaming room.