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Apply to become a course provider or renew

Training providers can apply to provide Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) and Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG) courses for people who want to work in the liquor and gaming industry in NSW.

Training providers can apply to provide the RSA training in a classroom and/or online, and RCG in classroom only. Once approved by L&GNSW to provide training, you will receive a digital stamp which you can feature on your website, advertising and course materials.

Approved training providers must renew their application every year to maintain their right to provide RSA and/or RCG training and to retain access to the course management online portal.

There are specific conditions PDF, 197.4 KB to deliver RSA and RCG courses. Before applying we recommend that you check the conditions to determine your eligibility to deliver approved RSA and/or RCG training courses:

  • RSA: you must meet the statutory conditions contained in clause 80(2) and (3) of the Liquor Regulation 2018.
  • RCG: you must meet the statutory conditions contained in clauses 58(5) and (6) of the 
    Gaming Machines Regulation 2019.

To apply to deliver the RSA and/or RCG course in a classroom environment or online, email the following information to

  • a contact name and telephone number
  • your Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) approval number
  • the location of your RTO
  • the intended method of course delivery.

Delivering RSA online

There are additional requirements for approved training providers delivering the RSA course online. You can only apply to be an online provider if you are:

  • part of TAFE NSW
  • an industry association operating as a training provider
  • a training provider nominated by an industry association.

To obtain approval to deliver RSA courses online you must first be approved to deliver them in a classroom environment. See the fees section for the online course delivery application cost.

Following an Expression of Interest process in February 2018, eight training providers were approved to deliver Licensee (LT) and Advanced Licensee training (ALT).

These providers must meet the statutory conditions contained in clauses 77(1), 78 and 80 of the Liquor Regulation 2018 as well as the Conditions of Approval PDF, 261.67 KB as imposed by the Secretary.

L&GNSW are currently not accepting new applications to deliver Licensee training or Advanced Licensee training.

Approved training providers that deliver RSA, RCG, LT and ALT courses either in the classroom or online environment must renew their application each financial year. As part of this annual process, L&GNSW reviews and assesses each training provider's application to continue to deliver training.

We will send you an annual renewal email which includes:

  • how to apply for your renewal
  • deadline to submit your application
  • relevant fees for the coming training year, and
  • payment due date.

For a renewal application to be considered, the application form must be received by the date listed in the email. If the renewal process has not been completed by 30 June, your access to the online portal will be disconnected.

Approved training providers who do not renew their applications by 30 June are required to go through the original application process and pay the associated fee for each course they deliver.

Approved training providers must notify us who they are employing as RSA, RCG, LT, and ALT trainers. A new trainer application form will be available soon. You can find out more by sending us an email

Application and renewal fees for approved training providers


Classroom or online: Application fee to provide classroom courses in:

  • RSA
  • Licensee training
  • Advanced Licensee training

$1,474 per course

  • RCG classroom

Classroom: Renewal fee to continue providing the classroom courses:

  • RSA
  • Licensee training
  • Advanced Licensee training
$813 per course
  • RCG classroom

Online: Renewal fee to continue delivering the online courses:

  • RSA
  • Licensee training
  • Advanced Licensee training
$661 fee per course
Payable by approved training providers on completion of training 

Costs of interim certificates:

  • RSA
  • Licensee Training

Cost of interim certificates:

  • Advanced Licensee training

Cost of interim certificates:

  • RCG

Keep your details current

It’s essential to keep your contact details up to date so we can send you renewal reminders and important updates. It’s also a condition of training provider approval. Update your details using form CC0800 Change of details for RTO or trainer form PDF, 668.7 KB

Access to the online portal system

If you need access to the online portal system, please complete and return form CC0100 Online portal access for RTOs PDF, 648.31 KB  

Contact us

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