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Liquor promotions

Licensees have responsibilities associated with running liquor promotions.

Liquor promotions should not:

  • encourage irresponsible, rapid or excessive consumption of alcohol
  • have special appeal to minors
  • be indecent or offensive
  • be out of step with general community standards.

The Liquor Promotion Guidelines 2019 PDF, 264.11 KB lists seven principles for running promotions responsibly in NSW. The Guidelines also help to set standards for licensees to follow by providing examples of unacceptable promotional practices, and provide information on steps that can be taken to minimise the risk of harm.

What happens if my promotion doesn’t comply with the Guidelines?

If you run a liquor promotion or activity that may be considered ‘undesirable’ it can be actively investigated by Liquor & Gaming NSW.

Typically, Liquor & Gaming NSW will first contact the licensee to seek an explanation when there are concerns that standards are not being met, and may request changes or withdrawal of the promotion.

If any concerns are not addressed then the Secretary, or a Liquor & Gaming NSW delegate, can ban or restrict any promotion or activity considered to be undesirable by issuing a written notice under section 102 of the Liquor Act 2007.

Section 102A can also be used, which allows the Secretary to restrict or prohibit any activities likely to encourage the misuse or abuse of liquor.

If a licensee does not comply with a ban or restriction, they face fines of up to $5,500.

Harm minimisation measures

It is in a licensee’s interest to ensure promotions have harm minimisation measures in place, to help ensure liquor is consumed responsibly and to promote safe environments for patrons.

Examples of harm minimisation measures that may be appropriate include:

  • Limiting the time and duration for the conduct of a promotion.
  • Limiting the volumes and strength of liquor offered during a promotion.
  • Using RSA marshals to monitor and manage patrons during promotions.
  • Ensuring alcohol content is measured and discernible.
  • Prominently displaying signs disclosing the alcohol content of mixed drinks served to customers.
  • Serving free food and water as part of the promotion.

Make a complaint about a liquor promotion

Use the online feedback form or contact us on 1300 024 720.