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Self-exclusion from the casino and gaming venues

People experiencing problems with gambling are able to enter into a voluntary self-exclusion agreement that bans themselves from the gaming areas of:

  • hotels and clubs​
  • the Star casino.

You can also nominate an entire hotel or club for self-exclusion.

The minimum period for self-exclusion from hotels and clubs is six months and no minimum term for a self-exclusion agreement at the casino.

What does the law require?

In NSW, all gambling venues must offer a self-exclusion scheme. You will find information in all areas where there are gaming machines:

  • the name and contact of the Gambling Help counselling service
  • a statement that tells you a self-exclusion scheme is available
  • details for the person or organisation who can help you to self-exclude.

If you experience any issues with self-exclusion agreements, you may lodge a complaint here.

What is the government trying to achieve?

The NSW Government is aiming to help individuals who are concerned about their gambling practices by providing them with an option to stop gambling for a set period of time, where this will be enforced by the venue.

The law allows venue operators to devise their own scheme to cater for their particular setting and customers. This gives you and the operator flexibility in providing you with the specific support you need to control or stop gambling.

Gambling counselling services

Self-exclusion agreements are more effective if you also seek counselling and treatment for gambling-related problems.

There’s a wide range of support and resources available through the NSW Gambling Help website.

Visit the Get Help page on the NSW Gambling Help website to find Gambling Help support that best meets your needs. There are many experienced, free and confidential services ready to help you, including counsellors, Warruwi Aboriginal support, help for women and practical support including financial counsellors and legal help specialists

The NSW Government has also approved the following organisations as providers of gambling counselling services to hotels and clubs: