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Liquor Licence Manager - how it helps your business

The Liquor Licence Manager is a new digital product that aims to increase visibility and control over liquor licence applications and payments for licences and authorised third-party users.

This tool is designed to centralise liquor licences in a single location and provide greater visibility on the current status of a licence and conditions. It provides general information about a licence or premises.

Register now for the Liquor Licence Manager

By registering to use the Liquor Licence Manager you can:

  • see real time details on licences, including relevant conditions and trading hours (only visible to individuals listed on the licence)
  • access a personalised list of all available modifications for each individual licence
  • track the status of changes made to Liquor and Gaming
  • access all existing and these newly developed Liquor & Gaming NSW digital forms:
    • apply to temporarily Cease to trade
    • apply to re-commence trade
    • apply for minors area authorisation
    • apply for non-restricted area authorisation
    • apply for a change of boundaries.

We encourage anyone associated with managing liquor licences to register to use this product and make use of the newly built digital forms.


To register to use the Liquor Licence Manager tool you'll need to:

  • be at least 18 years of age
  • hold a NSW Liquor Licence and be listed as a:
    • licensee
    • approved manager
    • contact person
    • club secretary.

You can also register if you're acting on behalf of the licensee as a:

  • premises owner
  • business owner
  • spouse or family member
  • legal representative.

Register now for the Liquor Licence Manager

For more information about the Liquor Licence Manager please contact Liquor & Gaming NSW at: