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RSA marshals in precincts

Staff who work in the Kings Cross and Sydney CBD Entertainment precincts must have a valid photo competency card or a valid interim certificate. The older Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) paper certificates are invalid in these precincts.

RSA marshals

An RSA marshal is someone whose role is to make sure venues comply with RSA obligations.

A marshal must have valid RSA certification training and a competency card.

For some venues, at least one RSA marshal must be engaged during the supervised trading period, which is:

  • from midnight until 3.30am - or the time the venue is required to cease trading, if earlier
  • on each Friday night, Saturday night, public holiday night, or the night before a public holiday.

If a licensee is required to employ an RSA marshal, the licensee must ensure that the RSA marshal wears clothing which identifies that person as the RSA marshal.

RSA marshal duties

An RSA marshal is employed to conduct RSA supervisory duties, including:

  • monitoring responsible service of alcohol practices by staff
  • engaging with staff and patrons to encourage responsible attitudes and practices in relation to the promotion, sale, supply, service and consumption of liquor
  • monitoring alcohol consumption and patron behaviour for signs of irresponsible, rapid or excessive consumption of alcohol and for signs of intoxication
  • intervening at an early stage to assist in preventing intoxication and anti-social behaviour (intervention may include suggesting that patrons moderate their alcohol consumption by consuming food or non- alcoholic beverages).

Kings Cross precinct requirements

Late trading venues in the Kings Cross precinct must employ one RSA marshal during supervised trading periods.

The venues that must meet this RSA marshal requirement typically include:

  • hotels - including general bars
  • registered clubs
  • public entertainment venues including theatres
  • karaoke bars
  • restaurants with a primary service authorisation.

​​Sydney CBD Entertainment precinct requirements

The Secretary, NSW Department of Customer Service may declare that a licensed venue in the Sydney CBD Entertainment Precinct is subject to RSA marshals requirements.

If a declaration is made, at least one RSA marshal must be engaged during the supervised trading period.