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Search the Noticeboard

The Noticeboard​ can be used to search for applications for new liquor licences, changes to existing liquor licences, gaming machine entitlements, transfers and threshold increases by area.

Area search

Type the name of the suburb, local government area, statistical area or police area command in the search box and select from the drop-down list.

Application search

Type the application number, licence number or premise name in the search box and select from the drop-down list.

Advanced search

This method allows you to search by:

  • key words (e.g. premises name, application number)
  • suburb
  • local government area
  • statistical area
  • police area command
  • type of application
  • application status
  • date ranges

All searches will tell you:

  • ​the date we posted the application
  • the application number
  • the application type
  • licence name
  • address, suburb and postcode
  • local government area
  • statistical area
  • police area command
  • a copy of the liquor licence notice
  • a copy of any community impact statement or local impact assessment
  • a copy of any relevant plans
  • the date that public submissions and the review period close
  • the status of the application.

The Service NSW public register is an online government database that includes details about all NSW liquor licences.

Anyone can look up liquor licence records, including information about the conditions that apply to a particular liquor licence. Find out more about conditions.

Make a submission:

Once you’ve found the application you wish to make a submission on, click on the ”Make a submission” button to access the online form.

You can make a submission relating to any of the following applications:

  • Liquor licence
  • Authorisations and changes to conditions on a liquor licence
  • Gaming machine threshold increases with Class 1 and Class 2 Location Impact Assessment (LIA)
  • Gaming machine dealer's licence.