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Case study
20 November 2018

City Central Liquor Accord | Case study

Resources for non-English speaking bar patrons

Members of the City Central Liquor Accord identified a need to communicate the fail to quit legislation to their diverse, non-English speaking patrons that included international visitors, students and backpackers. The fail to quit legislation outlines that it is an offence for a patron to remain in the vicinity of the venue after being asked to leave.

Resources with the fail to quit messaging were already available in English, however the Liquor Accord took the initiative to fund the production of posters, cards and screen images in Spanish, Portuguese, Malay, Thai, Korean and Chinese.

These materials were then made available to all member venues to assist when asking a non-English speaking patron to leave a venue. Liquor Accord members report that these have proven to be extremely useful and a very worthwhile use of accord funds.

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