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Case study
22 November 2018

Eastwood Gladesville Liquor Accord | Case study

Drink driving education

The Eastwood Gladesville Liquor Accord to educate young people about the dangers of drink driving. Collaborating with City of Ryde Council, the local Police Area Command, Northern Sydney Health Promotion, the Epping Club and the Community Drug Action Team, the accord came up with a novel and interactive approach to reducing drink driving by investing in a Mobile Education Resource Centre (MERC).

Local Police noted that young people were more responsive to learning about the risks of drink driving through interaction, such as the drink driving goggles, rather than simply just being told. The MERC was then purposely built as an interactive educational tool.

The MERC features interactive computer driver safety games. Students participate in the games and use drink driving goggles that simulate the effects of drink driving to help them understand how alcohol can impair their judgement and hinder their normal reaction times. The initiative has been successful in changing young people’s perceptions of the consequences of drink driving.

Since it launched in November 2015, the MERC has been in high demand, used by local high schools to educate students about drink driving and at local events.

This demonstrates that liquor accords provide you, as a licensee, access to a number of stakeholders, such as the Police, local health districts, Councils and community groups.