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Acquiring a gaming machine

Under NSW law, there are several licences and authorisations you must have in place before operating gaming machines.

It is against the law to be in possession of a gaming machine in NSW unless properly authorised, with maximum penalties up to $11,000 and/or 12 months imprisonment.

Members of the public are advised not to purchase gaming machines if found advertised.

To operate gaming machines you need:

  1. a club liquor licence or a hotel liquor licence
  2. sufficient Gaming Machine Threshold (GMT) for the number of machines you want to operate in your venue
  3. a Gaming Machine Entitlement (GME) or a poker machine permit (PMP) for each gaming machine installed at the venue

Find out more about GME, PMP and GMT

Once you have the required authorisations and licences you will need to:

  • buy a gaming machine from a licensed dealer or seller, or from another hotel or club
  • contact Data Monitoring Systems (DMS) to arrange for the CMS equipment to be installed at your venue
  • provide direct debit details to Revenue Assurance & Integrity Unit - via
  • apply through Quickchange for authorisation to keep and operate the machine
  • connect the gaming machine to the Centralised Monitoring System (CMS)


  • Only clubs are permitted to operate multi-terminal gaming machines (MTGMs)
  • Only hotels have poker machine permits
  • Hotels with more than 10 gaming machines must have a Hotel Gaming Room