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Community gaming and trade promotions

Responsibility for community gaming activities and trade promotions has been transferred from L&GNSW to Fair Trading NSW.

Contact Fair Trading NSW to run a game of chance that requires a permit, including:

  • a trade promotion lottery
  • art union lottery
  • charitable fundraising

Fair Trading NSW | T: 13 32 20 | W:

A group of private individuals can play poker and bet money (or chips that have monetary value) on the outcome of each game. This is legal only if:

  • the winner of each game takes all of the amount wagered
  • the dealer takes part in the game
  • no one other than a player in the game gets a payment or benefit from playing
  • no one pays to play in the game or to enter premises where others are playing.

If your poker game doesn't meet all of these conditions it is illegal.

We continually monitor how people operate poker games to make sure they comply with the law and that our legislation is appropriate.

Learn more: Poker tournaments fact sheet PDF, 157.59 KB

Two-up is a game where players spin coins in the air and gamble on whether the coins fall heads or tails.

The NSW Government regulates two-up under the Gambling (Two-up) Act 1998. You can conduct two-up only on certain days:

  • Anzac Day – 25 April
  • Victory in the Pacific Day – 15 August
  • Remembrance Day – 11 November, but only after noon

The only exception to this is Broken Hill, where you can play two-up all year round at approved venues operating under a special declaration by the NSW Government.

You do not need a permit to run a game of two-up, however, you should play two-up according to the traditional rules of the game PDF, 54.63 KB.

Learn more from our Two-up fact sheet PDF, 158.91 KB.