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Centralised Monitoring System

The Centralised Monitoring System (CMS) is a regulatory tool that connects all gaming machines in NSW registered clubs and hotels to:

  • monitor and ensure the integrity of gaming machine operations
  • calculate a venue’s gaming machine tax.

Maxgaming (MAX) Pty Ltd holds a 15 year exclusive licence to operate the new CMS for gaming machines in NSW until 30 November 2032.

MAX is responsible for the day to day operation of the CMS under a Venue Agreement with hotel and club venues approved by the Minister for Customer Service.

  • All electronic gaming machines operating in NSW registered clubs and hotels must be connected to the CMS in accordance with approved connectivity arrangements PDF, 162.27 KB. Venues are responsible for ensuring that gaming machines are connecting and communicating with the CMS.
    If the CMS is not working, contact Max immediately on their 24-hour help desk, 1800 706 221.
  • MAX is required to provide minimum service levels to venues. If service levels are not met by MAX, venues will be paid Service Credits. Service Credits can be used by venues to reduce the monthly CMS monitoring fee.

Data Monitoring Services (DMS), a branch of MAX, operates the CMS and are required to do the following:

  • calculate the Gaming Machine Tax
  • collect meter reading information from gaming machines
  • collect integrity events and configuration records from gaming machines
  • not release any CMS information to any parties other than those in the Gaming Machines Act 2001.

DMS must also provide:

  • monthly statements to all venues listing the performance of each gaming machine in operation
  • monthly invoices of the CMS monitoring fee on the first business day of each month detailing how the fee is calculated
  • CMS gaming machine tax invoices 14 days after the end of each tax quarter.

All gaming machines, including linked progressive jackpot controllers, must be connected to the CMS.

Each gaming machine is installed with a gaming machine interface card (GMIC), which carries the machine's unique gaming machine identification (GMID).

The card is connected to a CMS site controller, which is a computer that is located onsite at the venue.  The GMIC records the gaming machine's activity and forwards the data to the CMS site controller every 15 minutes.

Each day, the CMS site controller forwards data collected from all the machines connected to it, to the CMS central computer.

The information collected from each machine is used to calculate the Gaming Machine Tax and to monitor any faults and integrity issues.

Connecting to the CMS

All gaming machines authorised to be kept in a hotel or club must be connected to the CMS in accordance with connectivity arrangements PDF, 162.27 KB approved by the Minister. The connectivity arrangements provide some exceptions to the general connectivity requirements.

As the CMS Licensee, MAX is responsible for the process and cost of installing CMS equipment and connecting gaming machines to the CMS.

To arrange a connection to the CMS, contact DMS at least:

  • three weeks before the installation of a new gaming machine
  • six weeks if your venue has never been connected to the CMS.

Disconnecting from the CMS

In limited circumstances, you may need to disconnect gaming machines from the CMS due to natural disasters, venue renovations, closure of licensed premises, repair and maintenance of gaming machines, or other similar temporary reasons.

If you choose to relocate gaming machines somewhere else in your hotel or club, the gaming machines must remain connected to the CMS. DMS can arrange temporary cabling which must be installed by a licensed technician and/or AMP certified cabling contractor to ensure gaming machines continue to be electronically connected to the CMS at all times.

If you do need to disconnect a gaming machine from the CMS for:

  • up to 48 hours, you do not need to notify the DMS
  • up to 7 days, you must notify DMS immediately prior to disconnection
  • more than 7 days, you must seek approval for disconnection from DMS via L&GNSW.​


  1. If you disconnect a gaming machine from the CMS, the gaming machine must not be played.
  2. The CMS monitoring fee will still b​e charged during the temporary disconnection.

Apply to disconnect: FM2013 Disconnect gaming machines from CMS​ PDF, 665.98 KB

Contact and lodge your application with DMS

T: 1800 307 551 | E: | Post: PO Box 6687, Silverwater NSW 2128.

If you operate gaming machines at your hotel or club, you must:

  • pay the Gaming machine tax by direct debit
  • pay the CMS monitoring fee by direct debit
  • keep hard copy records for compliance with the law.

A detailed description of a venue’s responsibilities are outllined in the Maxgaming's CMS Operations Handbook.  These include:

  • ensuring​ gaming machines are always connected to the CMS by regularly checking the site controller
  • ensuring the CMS site controller always has power
  • checking daily that the gaming machines and progressive controllers are connected to the CMS
  • taking action within ​2 working days if DMS asks you to check a connection
  • allowing DMS employees or Authorised Service Providers (eg. licensed technican) access to gaming machines.

If a gaming machine is found to be faulty, you need to: switch it off; attach a notice to the gaming machine indicating it is faulty; and ensure a person does not play or attempt to play the gaming machine until the fault is fixed.

If a gaming machine is being serviced or repaired, you need to ensure that the licenced technician completes a CMS connectivity certificate. Keep a copy of the certificate.

You must be able to show the certificate if an inspector asks to see it. If you can't show them your certificate, you could be given an infringement notice of $110 or receive the maximum penalty of $1,100.

Order approved CMS connectivity certificates: FM2012 CMS connectivity certificates order form PDF, 654.71 KB.

A technician who is servicing or repairing a gaming machine must ensure the machine is connected to the CMS and is operational for gambling.

If you don't ensure that the machine is communicating with the CMS, an infringement notice of $1,100 or a maximum penalty of $11,000 may apply.

If you can't fix the gaming machine or restore connection to the CMS, give the reason why on the CMS connectivity certificate.

Order approved CMS connectivity certificates: FM2012 CMS connectivity certificates order form. PDF, 654.71 KB

Revenue NSW is required to:

  • issue gaming machine tax reassessment invoices
  • approve gaming machine tax payment arrangements
  • collect Gaming Machine Tax on the 21st day after the end of each tax quarter.

Contact Revenue NSW on 1300 368 817.