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29 November 2018

Hotel licence forms

Apply for a hotel licence

Hotel licence - new: Apply online or download PDF - APP400 (PDF 637.3 KB)

Notify interest in liquor licence business: Apply online or download PDF - AM0555 (PDF 291.7 KB)

Transfer your licence

Transfer Notification - Apply online or download PDF - AM0330 (PDF 326.2 KB)

Liquor Licence transfer: with consent of existing licensee - Apply online or download PDF - AM0321 (PDF 425.8 KB)

Liquor Licence transfer: without consent of existing licensee - Apply online or download PDF AM0322 (PDF 442.2 KB)

Liquor Licence transfer: death, disability or bankruptcy of existing licensee - Apply online or download PDF AM0323 (PDF 439.3 KB)

Change or modify your licence

Change licence name: Apply online or download PDF - AM0540 (PDF 248.0 KB)

Request a review of eligible live entertainment/music conditions - AM0121 (PDF 378.2 KB) (available from 1 December 2018 to 28 February 2019)

Change 6-hr closure - application by Commissioner of Police or Secretary - AM0499 (PDF 494.5 KB)

Change 6-hr closure - application by licensee - AM0488 (PDF 485.8 KB)

Change boundaries of licensed premises - AM0520 (PDF 378.7 KB)

Change liquor licence condition- application by licensee to ILGA - AM0120 (PDF 861.0 KB)

Change your licence requirements

Exception from open to public requirement - AM0160 (PDF 326.7 KB)

Exception from requirement that licensee not be absent > 6 weeks - AM0170 (PDF 330.3 KB)

Function on other premises authorisation - AM0030 (PDF 417.1 KB)

Hotel licence - removal - AM0400 (PDF 555.6 KB)

Minors area authorisation - AM0040 (PDF 356.8 KB)

Minors functions authorisation - AM0045 (PDF 439.2 KB)

Residents bar authorisation - AM0060 (PDF 118.2 KB)

Change your trading hours

Extended trading authorisation - hotel licence - AM0020H (PDF 447.2 KB)

Extended trading authorisation - special occasion - AM0020S (PDF 393.9 KB)

Cease liquor sales during standard trading hours - AM0140 (PDF 266.7 KB)

Cease to trade - AM0490 (PDF 818.7 KB)

Re-commence trading - AM0495 (PDF 771.6 KB)

Multi-occasion extended trading authorisation (PDF 507.5 KB)

Suspend or surrender your licence

Surrender liquor licence - AM0090 (PDF 723.3 KB)

Voluntary suspension of a liquor licence - AM0095 (PDF 259.2 KB)

Update your contact details

Update your contact details - Apply online or download PDF - AM0555 (PDF 291.7 KB)

Change your location or lease your premises

Temporary licensed premises - AM0444 (PDF 493.2 KB)

Lease or sublease licensed premises - AM0570 (PDF 375.9 KB)