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Business types and liquor licences

Your business type and the activities offered in your venue may make you eligible to apply for more than one liquor licence type.  For example, a tapas restaurant could consider applying for an on-premises, small bar, or general bar liquor licence.

Licence selector

Understanding and selecting what licence your business or event needs can be a complex and difficult process to navigate. Use the licence selector tool to help you find the most appropriate liquor licence type for your business or event.

Find your licence

The tool asks questions about the business or event activities you intend to offer. Depending on your responses, the tool will direct you to the NSW liquor licence type that best fits your needs.

The content of this tool is provided for information purposes only. While every reasonable effort has been made to match activities to a NSW liquor licence category there will be times where no licence is available for the intended activity.

Contact us for more detailed information about the liquor licence best for you.

Helpful tips

  • Have a clear understanding of what your business or event offers as the primary product or service. For example, will food or alcohol be the primary product?
  • Consider the needs of the business both now and in the future to ensure the licence type  grows with your business

Make sure you read the licence type page and associated fact sheets to confirm the liquor licence suggested fits your business requirements.