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Building your liquor accord membership

A broad member base and active participation is essential to a liquor accord group’s success. Building membership is an ongoing activity that can be achieved via a dedicated liquor accord website or social media page, newsletters to local businesses and organisations, networking at events, and more.

Driving membership

An annual membership drive is a great way to raise awareness of your liquor accord group and attract new members.  It’s an opportunity for you to demonstrate the benefits of membership, highlight your successes and showcase strategies and initiatives.

Step 1: Identify potential members

Recruiting a broad cross-section of licensed venues from your local community will strengthen your strategies and create greater awareness of your work.

Consider all types of licensed venues in your membership, for example:

  • Hotels, clubs, small bars, bottle shops, restaurants and cafés
  • Cellar door operators
  • Liquor producers and wholesalers
  • Catering companies.

Collaborating with government and community organisations is a great way to stay informed on local safety initiatives, and you can work together to develop harm minimisation strategies and campaigns.

Consider involving organisations such as:

  • Your local Police Area Command
  • Local council
  • Roads and Maritime Services (RMS)
  • Local health area district
  • Community groups and schools
  • Security companies
  • Taxi and public transport and ride sharing companies.

Step 2: Enlist our help

If you have registered your liquor accord group with us, we can work with you to explore great ideas to establish and promote your accord, for example:

  • provide you with a list of all licensees in your liquor accord area
  • share useful tips and resources to help you promote your accord and attract more members
  • add you to our liquor accord directory on our website and spread the word to our networks.

Step 3: Host an information session

Give potential members a taste of an accord meeting by hosting an information session. Your session can include:

  • the benefits and advantages of membership
  • what your accord has achieved
  • future goals your liquor accord is working towards.

If your area has a large multicultural community, you can consider a language specific information session, or partnering with the local chamber of commerce, or business associations.

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