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Raising funds for your liquor accord

Few liquor accord groups in NSW operate without funding although most generate revenue through membership subscriptions or fundraising activities.

These funds help to pay for special initiatives, like transport strategies for patrons in holiday season or a responsible drinking campaign.

Other sources of funding include grants, fundraisers and collaborating with others to combine resources and funds.

Funding can turn good ideas into reality

Funding is a great way to get your strategies started and obtain resources to implement your initiatives or projects. Your liquor accord group can raise funds internally through membership fees or externally through grants and fundraising activities.

Membership fees

Membership fees provide an annual income stream to implement strategies to address local issues. The Liquor Accord Constitution template outlines provision for accord membership fees. If you do not have an accord constitution you can use our template.

Download: Constitution for liquor accord groups template DOCX, 107.49 KB

Grant funding

Grants are a source of one-off funding that is usually distributed through an application process. Numerous government and non-government bodies offer grants from time to time. Some of these include:

It is important to follow the guidelines when applying for a grant. If you are successful, you will be responsible for the contract and meeting all the requirements including acquitting the grant.

Joint initiatives

Working in partnership and collaborating with other bodies or groups can help share the cost of developing, implementing, and promoting strategies. Consider approaching other neighbouring liquor accords, your local council, local NSW Health district, and Community Drug Action Teams (CDATs).

Fundraising events

Holding a fundraiser is a social way to raise funds for your liquor accord strategies. Events can raise the profile of your accord and increase collaboration between business and community organisations.

Tip: Don’t forget to promote your accord with your local media.

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