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Cancel your liquor licence

Businesses change and evolve over time as do the people who own them. Whether you’re thinking of cancelling your liquor licence due to financial concerns or personal circumstances we encourage you to seek advice before you start closing.


There are two ways to cancel your licence:

  1. Permanently – this is called surrendering your licence and means that your licence will be officially cancelled.
  2. Temporarily - this is a good option if you’d like to renovate, transform your business model, or rebrand.

Surrender your liquor licence

If you decide to permanently surrender your licence you need to notify L&GNSW and complete an application form. Surrendering your liquor licence is permanent and becomes official from the date that we approve your application.

What we need from you

Written consent from the premises owner and the business owner needs to be included on your application form. We can’t process your application without these details.

Surrender your liquor licence - Apply online through the Liquor Licence Manager

What happens next

Once you’ve lodged your application to surrender your licence including consent from the premises owner and the business owner, it will take about three weeks to approve. You will receive a confirmation email from us that your licence has been permanently cancelled.

Temporarily cease trading

You must notify us if you wish to stop using your liquor licence for six weeks or longer – this may be during a period of renovations, for example.

Cease to trade - Apply online through the Liquor Licence Manager

Resume trading

When you’re ready to begin trading again, you must let us know.

Re-commence trading - Apply online through the Liquor Licence Manager

All liquor licences that have temporarily ceased trading are still subject to the annual liquor licence fee.