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ClubGRANTS annual returns

Registered clubs who earn $1million or more in gaming machine profit each year are taxed through the ClubGRANTS scheme.

The scheme enables a club’s participation, support, and leadership within their local area by providing funding for projects, services, and programs that benefit their community.

  • All registered clubs have a mandatory tax of 0.4% as their contribution to the ClubGRANTS Fund.
  • An additional 1.85% tax is applied to clubs who don’t meet the lodgement date or their ClubGRANTS obligations as outlined in the Guidelines PDF, 305.12 KB.

2019 key dates

  • Online portal access: you can access the new online ClubGRANTS portal via MAXsys.
  • Tax year end: the next gaming tax year for clubs ends on 31 August 2019
  • Lodgement date: submit your ClubGRANTS annual return from 1 September to 9 September 2019.

The new way to lodge your ClubGRANTS annual return

A new portal has been developed for clubs to lodge their ClubGRANTS annual return online. This is an exciting new feature of the Centralised Monitoring System which will replace the manual spreadsheet method

The portal is being designed to guide you through the drafting and lodgement process, but there are some important tips to be aware of:

  • The portal has a login and save function so you can start drafting your return before you’re ready to lodge.
  • A signed Secretary declaration needs to be included with your lodged return.
  • The gaming tax year for clubs ends on 31 August. You can lodge your return from 1 September to 9 September 2019.

Access the portal

Login to to access the online portal and lodge your ClubGRANTS annual return.

Maxgaming has developed a user guide to help you navigate the online portal. It provides you with information to login and complete your application. This user guide can be found under the ClubGRANTS menu item on the Maxgaming website.


Technical Support

For technical difficulties accessing the maxsys online portal, or retrieving your login details, contact:  
Maxgaming | T: 1800 307 551 | E:


For more information about the ClubGRANTS guidelines, contact: 
Call: 02 9995 0500 | Monday to Friday 9am - 4pm